Drawing lab


This website is currently a work in progress:


Drawing Laboratory is an art pedagogy research project I started in 2014.


It evolved out of an opportunity that arose at the Royal Drawing School where I was asked to write and deliver a new course for a cohort of post grad students.

I chose as a starting point, three principles: No life model, no overarching subject or theme, and collaboration and connection within the group of participants at the top and center. The act of drawing would become the subject. Each participant including me was equally a learner and teacher. I would do each task alongside the students. The idea being that, through playful, rigorous, experimental action the participants would discover afresh or for the first time, with acuity the power of drawing, by agreeing to take part in seemingly restrictive tasks and sharing the results with each other (both the results on paper and in terms of how doing the task had made them think and feel).