Architectural scale drawings


The image to the left is: Waiting for Peter Jensen Spring Summer 2007, London September 2006
Photo Chris Moore copyright

In 2006 I asked Peter Jensen if I could make a back drop for the show of his collection that was inspired by Tina Barney, because I love her photographs. I made a 30 meter long drawing with the help of a friend and that was the start of the end of me being a fashion designer. Ive been making very large drawings ever since.

It was installed a second time at The Victoria and Albert Museum in the Raphael Cartoons room as part of their Fashion in Motion series.

I collaborated with Peter many more times, and exhibited one of my backdrops for him in his retrospective at The Copenhagen Design Museum.

The following images are all of my collaborations with Peter.

The images to the right relate to work where I was curious about the difference in scale between ordinary dwellings and a classic palace museum gallery.

I find it exciting to try and make physical feeling life size flat depictions of a spatial environment in a large architectural scale context. Trying to get the scale relationship between the subject matter and the drawing to be 1:1 doesn’t really make sense if one is 3D and the other 2D, its on the cusp of being a sculpture, and odd things happen.