Charlotte Mann (1977) is a British artist best known for 1:1 scale black and white line drawings. Her work is mainly site specific and the relationship between the figurative subject matter- objects-windows-doors- trees and the sculptural presence of the drawing- a corridor-a hall-a facade of a building, forms the conceptual engagement around which her practice revolves. Notable works include the School of Life classroom and the facade of QE2 Hospital Welwyn Garden city (winner: European Healthcare art and design award).  Private and commercial installations of her work exist around the world including in Basel, Milan, Hong Kong, and she has exhibited her drawings in institutions including Christies New York, The Copenhagen Design Museum and The Victoria and Albert Museum, London. She studied Fashion Design at Central St Martins 1998-2000 and on graduating worked for 6 years as a fashion designer for Russell Sage. Examples of her design work have been in exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Victoria & Albert Museum. Charlotte became a lecturer at Camberwell College of Art in 2001. Gradually teaching became a central part of how she thinks and works. For 8 years the curated the Friday Film programme at the Odeon Leicester Square for CCW. In 2003 she started teaching at the Royal Drawing School. For several years she was a tutor on Fashion Design at St Martins and Textile Design at Chelsea until 2012 when she decided to focus her teaching entirely on Drawing. In 2014 she started a research project called Drawing Lab initially at the Royal Drawing School. Between 2016 and 2021 she took a break from institutional teaching to focus on her art practice and volunteering with schools. She returned to teaching in 2020 focusing on her Drawing Lab research. She is the daughter of artist/teacher parents: Sargy and Frances Mann and was immersed in an environment of serious, intense and joy filled drawing research from an early age.