New Prints Coming Soon
I have been working on several new prints. They will be up on my website soon.
First they will be in my show at Amp Gallery Peckham London which is opening 23rd February 2018 I will be putting the new prints online the following week.

Watch this space

See the info/contact section for show details. Contact me here to enquire about the show

Erasing Is Leaving A Mark
Limited edition wall paper print by Wolf Gordon segment of temporary installation wall drawing

To buy one visit Gowanus Souvenir Shop

Room 29, A Southwest Corner 2013
Silkscreen edition of 100 by Hippo Screenprinters
315gsm Heritage Bookwhite archival vellum 168cm x 96cm.


Limited numbers are now available.

Contact me here to reserve a copy

86B Windowsill 2011
Photocopy edition of 100. 119cm x 84cm.

Sold Out

Keepers Reserve Press, RC EE 1 to 24 & RC FF 1 to 11. 2011
Silkscreen edition of 200. 65cm x 135cm.
Printed by King and McGaw for the Victoria & Albert Museum, London Click here to read the notes that accompany the print.

Sold Out